PRELEX is a refractive lens exchange procedure designed to help patients affected by presbyopia – a condition experienced by most people over the age of 40 in which the eye’s natural lens does not focus on objects at a near distance as clearly as it had before. Many individuals who have presbyopia need glasses or contacts while reading or engaging in other activities that require clear focus on up-close objects. PRELEX, and associated techniques can provide you with a customized lens implant designed to reduce, or possibly even eliminate, your need for corrective eyewear. Bliss Eye Associates offers both mono- and multi-focal lens implant options to accommodate patients who may need correction of either or both near-distance and far-distance vision.

Our surgeons have been performing lens implant procedures for many years. Our PRELEX and refractive lens exchange patients are some of the happiest in our practice. Your surgeon will meet with you for an initial consultation to evaluate your vision and create a customized treatment plan that can help you meet your needs.

For more information on PRELEX, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact Bliss Eye Associates today.