When you come to Bliss Eye for an eye exam, our experienced ophthalmologists and skilled optometrists are here to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your eyes and visual system. You are carefully screened for diseases that could threaten ocular health and function. Your visual requirements and lifestyle are a vital consideration when developing a solution for all medical and vision correction needs.

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Our doctors have state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies available. This allows us to take an in depth look for diseases and dysfunction. With testing such as OCT scanning of the optic nerve and computerized visual field testing we can detect often-silent diseases such as glaucoma. Optical Coherence retinal imaging can assist in identifying and characterizing Diabetic Eye Disease and Macular Degeneration. Computerized corneal mapping can help delineate eye surface shape irregularities in diseases like Keratoconus, assist in contact lens fitting, and help in planning for LASIK laser vision correction. These advanced tools augment the ability of our doctors to evaluate each patient’s individual vision system and develop the best treatment plan.

When developing a vision correction plan, our doctor’s pay close attention to each patient’s visual requirements in their normal daily activities. Driving, athletic activities, cooking, sewing, reading and computer needs are all considered. Our practitioners have wide array of spectacles, contact lenses, and laser vision correction options available to assemble the best solution for each person. A full-function optical shop, staffed with excellent opticians, is available for spectacles, sunglasses, and contact lens fitting and training.

The Comprehensive Exam is one of the most important aspects of your Eye Care. It’s where first evaluate your eyes for any pathology that could pose a threat to eye health. This is where get to know you, understand your needs and goals, and begin the process of creating a customized plan for meeting your vision needs. Please contact us with any questions.