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Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Khoshnevis,

Thank you for the excellent care I received. I am 89 years old and very hard of hearing. I also have difficulty understanding the terminology used by doctors when they are explaining my problem and follow up care.

Sincerely Yours,


Dr. Khoshnevis and Dr Brendel,

I had a great experience as a new patient with Dr. Brendel today. He is punctual thorough and patient in explaining my case. Even though I don’t have serious eye issues, I appreciate his expertise and diagnosis. You chose him well Dr. Khoshnevis.

Dr. Brendel,

You are my third eye doctor and I would be happy to refer anybody who needs a good optometrist to you. May you have many years of successful practice in “Bliss Eye Associates”

Best regards,

Dr. Khoshnevis,
I am so grateful and thankful that you are my doctor. You gave me hope and a path of action during a challenging time and for that, I am so grateful.
I appreciate your knowledge, persistence, focus, determination, tenacity, your listening and caring. You bring clarity to foggy situation. There is no doubt that you absolutely stand for me and my health.
Catherine D.

Dr. Khoshnevis,
I had a lens replacement performed by you approximately 1 ½ years ago using the Panoptix lenses. I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent care. My vision is wonderful! Since my surgery, my interest in photography has been renewed. I would like to show my appreciation with the gift of this photo. I hope you enjoy it.
Bill K.

Dr. Khoshnevis,
Just a note to say thank you for the cataract surgery you performed on my left eye. For a nearly 91 year old woman, it is great to be enjoying almost total eyesight again. I purchased a snazzy pair of reading glasses before I left the office, and they are great! I am all set to do a lot of reading! My heartfelt thanks to you.
Jean B.

Dr. Khoshnevis,
I am so grateful to you, as I am able to watch TV and read again. I appreciate your professionalism and kindness to me, and this comes with a big hug from a very happy patient.
Irene D.

Dear Dr. Khoshnevis:
Words alone cannot express the gratitude or deep appreciation that I feel for you, along with the gift of 20/20 vision without any corrective lenses. Thank you for your expertise and dedication to your patient’s quality of life. I am now able to experience the road and scenery. I see better now than when I was a teenager. It is just too remarkable, to put it mildly. Dr. Khoshnevis, you have afforded me the gift of a lifetime.

Dear Dr. Khoshnevis,
I wanted to thank you for making my fuzzy world CRYSTAL CLEAR.
Your patient.
Donna V.

Dr. Khoshnevis,
I CAN READ AGAIN! I can see and enjoy this photo of my wife and I which was taken 63 years ago on our wedding day.
Frank S.